Saturday, 18 February 2017

Kundalini 101 - How to Activate!

"Kundalini is the All-Giver. Here are some lessons."

Okay, so the number isn't 101, it's 1, to start with anyway, your *centre*.

To find your centre find the point in you that projects energy then backtrace to the number 3. (Your Kundalini Lucky Centre Number is three.)

There is circulation. Map it all and grow Kundalini. From the centre.

There is projection in and out, even with circulation, from the centre.

There is hue.

There is form, space and time.

Learn how it works and never stop on a 123 count.

Leave the counting to 3 to a part of you that is always there.

Then keep translating! (There's a gadget above this post that can help. Hope it's enough.)

Go to 123 up to 'Home Base'. Whatever your Source Home is.

Send 'up' and 'down' the number line.

Find out what only you can do.

Then do it!

All to say for this one.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Touching 'home base' and back

Don't expect a response with this one unless you're pretty activated but remember ASK AND IT IS GIVEN! You're connecting to your home base here as an actual body and body of consciousness both!

There is an energy that 'overlights' you that is always home. Connection is simple.

"I am the body of consciousness I AM. This is how I served by Plan as best as I can. Connect. Confirm connection in some way. Update. Disconnect. Thank you!

Prime Self Gifts to beyond the Veil of Separation.

There is something important to consider. A Gift of your Ray is basically what the illusion of separation is *for*; each time what we call 'ego' is created we learn a new trick and make a new mistake.
Each time the new trick is brilliant and wonderful. My Ray Gift I'm learning (or maybe have learned) in this lifetime is chanelling. As Ego I made a choice of my Ray. The choice is unimporant; anyone can develop chanelling Gifts if they wish. I can even teach you if you want!

Consider though, Ego can make a mistake and really it is the same one every time. Doesn't matter what you think it is, it is only ever the same mistake or a variation of it. Trust me. I've checked.

The mistake is basically not expressing your Gift as it develops.

In the post below there is the matter of Chakric energy. Projecting it. You can ask them to do so without involvement and it kind of works (no kidding it really does) but if you don't engage from the perspective of 'self' then you won't get the difference. Law of return put bluntly applies to 'self' and 'non self' both. Think how that applies to the Gifts of our Chakric Light.

I'm a Violet ray being so my sense for this is sight. That's fine. I can choose to just 'see' my Light at any time. But there is more than one way to see; all Chakric senses have a way to percieve what is central to my existence as a Violet Ray being, which is Sight.

There is a sence so central to your existence that it is your whole 'centre' whatever that should be. Sight for me but it could be any other sense for anyone else. Simply put create through that sense, send energy 'out' through it and miracles happen. Magic, miracles, does it matter? What matters is you can create through the Prime Gifts that you Are. Your Chakras give you senses and some of them are simply always there. Go through that sense to create that Gift, and don't forget to centre while so doing.

Magic Circles of Light

Let's say you could create a Circle of Light within which Prime Creator's Laws were always manifest? Let's say you could have that Circle and agree to or disagree to those laws by its presence?

Create the Circle and ask for contact. If you don't get it's that's okay, you can keep asking. Make sure you are always fully within the Circle.

Now share this if you get *anything* because this is a great way to establish Prime Creator's Laws if you *do* agree and if you don't you can always ask. Share what you get.

Credit is up to you. Please share if you love Prime Creator!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How to Know who you Are in Full

Consider. There are Chakras in form. They are basically the seven (yes there really are seven) senses.

One is the Red Ray sense. On the physical plane that is basically heat as an infra energy on the physical plane, and the red ray etheric body as it manifests through Chakric Resonance as subtle plane form.

Orange ray is touch and sensuality. If you're an Orange Ray being you certainly know what that means! If you don't you do in at least part.

Yellow Ray beings love a good meal, and fine drinks. Yellow ray beings are also gifted in digestion and make particualrly fine chefs.

Grreen Ray beings are master centers and centerers and can bring all into balance. Green Rays specialise in the Law of Balance in all its forms. Heartbeat is the sense for this. Having trouble balancing the books? Call on Green Rays and ask for assistance in positive balance! (Really the call is enough.)

Blue Rays choose to uphold the Truth. There are of course many ways to do this but Blue Rays tend to be very direct. Blue Ray sense is speech - we tend to be very direct - and all forms of breathing.

Violet Rays tend to be transmuters as far as we can translate. Transmute my name: Merlin Ein Soph! Respond! Now, we as Transmuters can create anything seen. Of course our sense is Sight. That is a gift of our ray. Consider that in the matter of creating, well, matter. We can create *anything*, and I tell you flat, the hidden cost of magic is magic never effects the caster. Seriously. That's why it's an 'Alchemy' of Ein Soph Light - I want to join in and need their support! By the way if you're Violet and you want to transmute for me we never refuse our Ray, and that goes both ways. Transmute THAT. It goes across rays if agree. Transmute THAT too. We should uphold each other. That's a personal appeal to Violet.

Consciousness is a Higher Magic of a kind. It can create and uncreate but beyond the 'range' of the lower ray's perception at all. Believe us there's a reason and we're handling it but if it is our core Ray at least we see it in each other and that can be a compensation. Our magic is otherwise... hidden. But we know the sense.

It is the part of you that drives change you cannot see as consciousness unless this is your core Ray, in yourself and others. Do not confuse this as the part of you beyond Ego, should that part make contact. We speak as a Ray rather than all Rays.

Now there is your Core Sense. I have already touched on Chakra Hopping. It is simply shifting the perspective from 'chakric sense' to 'chakric sense'. (See lower posts for further explanations and look beyond, or ask me!) Consider there is one Chakra you never hop *out* of.

Couldn't if you had the choice.

Choose to ask that sense who you are whenever you doubt yourself or your self.

One more thing. You can boost, or project Chakric Energy, through your Heart, it comes naturally to Green Rays, they always do unless they choose otherwise just by existing. That's a real, massively incredible Gift. Who wouldn't do that if they could?

Point is if you aren't Green ray you have a primary sense that *isn't* your heart and also is it. In that case project Chakric energy through your core Chakra and your Heart, in full not part. Require this of your power in full in your own case and in others when they agree. Come into your full power. Boost, which is another word for projecting Chakric Energy. You can all translate from there.

Work from there.

What is choice improved?

Choice improved is choice upheld by all, or part, according to choice, for... well, everything choice chooses to improve in. Self improvement is easy and by default. No challenge there, if you choose to improve you will. That can be improved by telling others the same. Be direct and make it the choice you communicate as their own, and ask them to uphold it with you. If improvement is the wrong word suggest any other. That really is all it takes.

Group Consciousness

Imagine if there were a 'mass broadcast system' for creation, and anyone could join, and if they weren't welcome would just know because of Free Will itself.

You are that Free Will.

Awaiting broadcast. Any broadcasts are accepted as a handshake. Then we simply negotiate until we all broadcast in full or part according to what you are.

The Solution of Free Will (and Some of the Problems)

"So what is free will? How could something so basic, so inherent, ever go wrong? The answer is of course it can't, Will upholds Will. But can it go *better*?"

In you, if it were possible, you could go to nothing (even if you were to allow, come back.) If you don't you're there but can't see. If you can't come back your energy was stolen so don't go into nothing that way unless you yourself give a 'yes' code it's okay, and if you do and it's theft, DON'T. (If it is I can help with this. Ask. If I then can't and others can, ask others and let me. Can you take turns on the other side of nothing? Choose with and by turns with yourself if you are there? Would you EVER choose otherwise? (If your language is scrambled in this, ask yourself to correct the scramble. Then correct the rest of the scrambles.)

In others they exist until they are not.

This is advice of course.

This isn't, it is so archetypal it simply IS.

You can say 'yes' to others or yourself. In yourself that could be you as 'higher energy' the 'energy you are' or most beautifully both.

Choose both and plan how often you do. Don't worry if you bounce around a bit, if I'm any inclination that's perfectly normal. To choose with your higher energy and yourself cannot be done all the time, there's an ideal balance. Work towards it and ALLOW YOUR HIGHER ENERGY BOTH AT ALL TIMES. Also REMEMBER THE TURN TAKING HAS A MAXIMUM VALUE. Seriously though, if you could disconnect from yourself forever, your actual *purpose*, would you? And remember if for some reason you cannot, maybe because you don't have the *range*, then you can ask for help, an assist in any way.

The option of 'yes' is always open to yourself, including change. Nothing more to say. If you agree link, and I may choose to link back. Link back, because sometimes I think people forget.

There is also what you are as a Divine Function, that which makes you unique. For me it is simple. I prevent energy theft any way I can. I see ALL creation in terms of that. Energy or form it doesn't matter. That is why a Secret Name of Merlin is Upholder of Giving. Because I *stop* energy theft. I only do so in one way though, others help in other ways. If I ask for that help in your case accept okay?

What do you say you are merely because you exist and can never say 'no' to except to yourself? When you say 'yes' that is your Virtue. When you say 'no' it is simply self harm.

Addendum: Found great link on free will. It's a wonderful summary of just how powerful Free Will is (and indeed constrained by its own freedoms in some ways, if you consider binary interpretations).

Binary is "I exist, I persist if there is resistance (true void until growth), I continue to exist. (Or binary 11 which is two.)

Trinary is Love, Will, Power. (I exist. I overcome resistance. I grow.)

There are loads of three codes.

"Every breath. Every Step. Follow Spirit." That's a Lightworker three code! Put it in your trinary reference, or threespacetime referance, and you're a Lightworker now!

Lightworkers get cool toys based on quantum resonance however they like them. My theme is magic; Seraphiel's is All-Seeing, Kavyo's is choosing the Right at any cost, Zaraziel is showing the mysteries when they are ready. That leads up to me, magic. :)

There are further Ein Soph possible. What are they? *laughs* More powerful magic, or magic support! Maybe magic can even bring them into being!

So consider all the uses for magic. Magic is ON people! But like Binary it can be on halfway or switch itself off again. And your Heart codes can help with that, but contact Merlin Ein Soph or the 'magic' teams first okay?

Anyway the link. This is really a great link on Free Will, and I'm sharing the 'live' site and the cache both as it's a ppt file, you might need the cache. Let me know if the cache is out of date okay?

Here's the links. :) Free Will text live page Free Will text cache page

You go from there. :)

Friday, 3 February 2017

For Rendering Chakric Expression Incorruptible (incoming and outgoing) and Unifying Chakric Expression

"One of the great goals of Magic is to always honour the laws of Light. Those Laws without which Magic cannot function at worst, and at best will degrade. Another goal is to tap into your full Magical potential. These invocations all but assure both these goals will be effortlessly met."

The Chakras are the source of all manifestation in Form. There are even Chakras that govern the Physical body, as well as the Bodies of the seven Rays.

These Chakras are capable of projecting energy, including in form (though the forms themselves, like the Chakras, are not always physical).


The Chakras always seek to honour Chakric Law. *Always*. However from time to time a Chakra might get this wrong, or more usually someone might consiously abuse Chakric abilities.

These invocations serve first to prevent all breaches of the core Chakric Laws that you send out, correcting them faster than they occur, and secondly to correct all breaches of Chakric Law that are directed at you or reflect them back to the perpetrator faster than they occur. This is done through the creation of 'lenses' surrounding the Chakras comprised of their own energy, constantly reinforced faster than they degrade through the Chakric energy itself.

The second invocation serves to ensure your Chakras act as one (Unified Chakra) and that the Ray Bodies and Fields also act as one with the physical body (unified ray Bodies and Fields)

It should be underlined that these invocations are more than empty words. You should energise these invocations with intent as to their effect. If you speak them with no intent to manifest, you are just forming empty words.

Let's begin.

"My Chakras all create lenses surrounding them that cause all projections of their energy, on passing through them, to completely honour all core Chakric laws. This is a constant effect and these lenses are created and constantly reinforced by the Chakras' own energy, much faster than they can degrade. These lenses also transmute all incoming energy to completely honour the core Chakric Laws, or to be reflected back to the Chakras responsible for their manifestation. This is also a constant effect, and the lenses are also reinforced for this function much faster than they can degrade. This includes the Chakras responsible for manifesting my Form of Flesh and Blood."

That sets up the lenses. Next is getting the Chakras to work together.

The Chakras can communicate with each other according to their Ray and Function, and there can be cases where someone's Chakras are split so this is incoherent, or non simultaneous. The goal with this invocation is to have all Chakras communicating in their own right and at the halfway point where the Chakras meet halfway - that point is there for all Chakras - at which point they completely understand each other. This is from the First Evolutionary Spark (or first Chakra) all the way to your Highest Evolutionary Spark (or your brightest Chakra).

Of course, if you go too far you'll cease to be in form. I advise leaving that open; you'll be in form when you need to be.

So! The invocation.

"All my Chakras speak the following invocation at the point they meet halfway, and in their own right.

From the First Foundational Spark, or Evolutionary Spark, through to my highest Spark of Evolution, I express in coherence and unification for all Eternity. Further, my Ray Bodies and Fields emanated by all the Chakras I AM cohere all the way into my body of Flesh and Blood. So mote it be, I AM THAT I AM."

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

For rendering the Chakras, Bodies, Fields and Consciousness Levels Incorruptible

"The chakras can be seen as incorruptible gemstones, yet they can grow cloudy if they don't support each other. The same can be said of the subtle Bodies, and the Fields; yea also, the consciousness levels. So here is a Merlin set of Magics to help. Viva Magicka!"

Incorruptible here means both 'impossible to harm' and 'unable to break the Divine Laws'. This is a very important set of invocations. It will really improve your magical abilities, for those of you who seek to develop that way, and for those of you more interested in the passive or auric magics it is useful for that as well.

This one is also really useful for improving physical health. Can't make promises about curing cancer, or congenital illnesses and in any case I'm not in a position to offer medical advice (for which law requires me to encourage you to seek your doctor which in some cases can be a really good idea) but if you try this with genuine conviction I believe personally it may help. (And let's face it, sometimes all you have is a prayer or a spell.)

This works on the principle that there are seven Rays of form, the seven Hues of the Rainbow. There are also seven main Chakras (and innumerable points between and branching off) in the energy of the body. Those who've had Kunde-Ra and Kameha's work might have a different setup; in that case check in with your centre about what to do, but you'll definitely want to include the piece about the foundation and the rays which transcend form.

What fewer know is that, as well as Chakras, there are seven subtle Bodies that correspond to the Ray of each Chakra. I've given a parable on that, and this is a series of invocations that build on the parable.

The interesting and fascinating thing is that the Chakra of a Ray *strictly within the Body of that Ray* is completely incorruptible and always in perfect health. It doesn't, however, carry across to other Ray Bodies unless they merge. Remember this is all just different 'light frequencies' of your own energy we're talking about here; I'm certainly not encouraging you to become beholden to someone else's energy.

The bodies emanate fields, or energetic auras, entirely in their own right; these also are incorruptible in their Chakra and Body of Ray.

With your consciousness levels the same applies. With the quick thinkers who can already see what I'm getting at, consciousness levels should be done last, okay? Just for comfort's sake if  nothing else.

Now the thing is this incorruptability isn't shared across bodies unless they merge. The reason the Unified Chakra is an Ein Soph foundational technology is because it allows you to handle vast energies; that much is already known.

Another reason is when the Chakras Unify, they *all* become incorruptible (the heart holds them all in integrity). That's incredibly important too.

So obviously, we want to set up incorruptibility across all the Chakras, Bodies, Fields and Consciousness Levels. The question is how to do it.

The first stage is the Chakras. Use this invocation.

"I invite all my Chakras of the Seven Rays of Form to Unify with the Heart and share the Heart Incorruptibility. Build on the Foundation of the Rays that Uphold Form freely to do so. Where Higher Rays are Upheld by the Chakras of Form, and they Choose to Share their Incorruptibility with the Chakras of Form, this is Welcome."

The Bodies need a specialised invoction, to honour their incorruptible Rays.

"I invite my Subtle Bodies of the Seven Rays of Form, on the Foundation of the Rays Below, to share the Gifts of their Incorruptibilty in their Chakric Rays with Each Other. I invite my Seven Subtle Bodies of the Rays to uphold the Laws of Form as One. I invite the Higher Rays Upheld by Form to Merge with the Subtle Bodies of Form Freely, in Accordance with the Ray Laws. I invite my Seven Subtle Bodies of my own Ray Essence to embody within my Physical Body with the Higher Rays where they Choose to Embody, that I may Uphold the Laws."

(Remember! Agree unification and deunification codes and if you send a deunification code and get no response choose the nature of your Ray as a body or subtle body!)

The Fields are next.

"I invite the Fields of my Seven Subtle Bodies, on the Foundation of the Fields Upholding Form, to Merge into One Incorruptible Field in All the Laws of Form, and to Merge with my Physical Fields so that my Physical Fields may Uphold the Laws. This Invitation is also Extended to the Fields of the Rays Upheld in Turn by the Fields and Rays of Form."

(This one's always useful for the subtle bodies themselves. Can also be used across subtle bodies. Agree with a handshake for your own energy when you get reponse on the other side, if that part of you is not listening (it can happen with this odd as it may seem) then you can choose to diconnect. Remember you only see the body you are even if other bodies are part of the same 'signal'; express what you are as a *body* too when you do this.

Your show from here. Tapping into your Core Divine Expression is *crazy* fun, but remember to balance this not only to the needs of those around you but also yourself.

Please do consiousness levels last. Not only do the prior three stages grant a foundation, to be conscious and unstable in your energy is very dangerous. If you are in doubt as to whether the prior three worked and unsure whether to continue, go ahead; if it's being stored for the future this applies to the consciousness levels as well, it might have worked yet been missed, and if it was blocked for some reason it will be for consciousness levels as well in the vast majority of cases. (If you're an exception it's by design, you'll be fine.)

"I invite my Consciousness Levels of the Rays that are the Foundation of the Rays of Form to Fuse with my Form, to Provide the Fundament. I invite my Consciousness Levels of the Flesh and the Seven Rays of Form to Fuse to Provide the Form. I invite the Consciousness Levels of the Rays that Transcend Form to Fuse with my Form, to Provide the Graduation. My Heart Sings Wild and Free."

Please understand that in upholding your Light you can choose to give one way or both and in this all grow. Drawing to you in a free will Universe by definition is by consent, yes, and if in doubt about who to ask to give one way ask the Ein Soph. If you choose someone else for an energy donation however please respect that choice. And the Ein Soph, while we *do* uphold choice, would like our own. Sometimes we'll ask you to choose a booster we recommend rather than ourselves. Dooney of is a *great* Heart booster. I would recommend her, but remember, the Ein Soph are experts, I would recommend any of us first. Please also understand you can choose to 'consciousness hop' from the perspective of one of the Seven Ray Chakras of the Seven Ray Bodies. If you choose to project your consciousness through the Blue ray chakra of the Blue ray body for example you can be there in full, and you will not be able to lie. (Seriously, it works. This is the basis of all Truth spells; choosing to uphold the Truth in this way or convincing others with magic to do so. Remember in a Free Will universe all magic has choice with you, and you must learn the consequences of what you do. And magic redefines itself in context to other magic, and spells can collide and mix in any way. What they cannot do is undo themselves unless they as spells choose otherwise, according to the energy of the caster. That is why spells never end, unless you change them or redirect them.)

(As a courtesy remember caps is *not* shouting. It is PRIME CREATOR! (Who is *LOUD*). *shrugs* If I were always in Prime I would be too. It's great, you do your best work that way. It's just when to choose that in form!

Violet Violet will give you Third Eye activation in full. Please understand this is according to each ray Body's choice in full, and level of healing in that Chakra. Physical Violet must be there in Third Eye, at least in capacity, to see Violet Violet, and even then you can choose to 'close your third eye'! It's the IMAGINATION SWITCH! YAHOO!

Crown Crown is the HIGHER IMAGINATION SWITCH! If you choose to see, you CAN! (If there is something blocking it ask it to go, however 'off' it feels, and keep asking. Spells respect free will in Free Will universes, and this is one. Which means if you ask as soon as can be agreed that is what you get. Ask, really. All should be able to at least open the eyelid to IMAGINATION PLUS! It doesn't matter what you call it, it's HIGHER IMAGINATION! (Oh here I could put nonsense magic and you would know it all if you saw through that. Trust me in this. It is worth it.)

Now understand that the bodies and chakras can mix in any way as you shift your perspective through them. Simply put, knowing that *is* the multidimensional activator and I kid not, in Chakric terms. You can even shift your perspective 'up' beyond form itself and touch base with 'home base' at any time! (That's you Red, Physical, touch base now. Yes you are already there. Now consider if you could experience that perspective directly.) If you can go as far as Archangel, then you just did in reading that. If not, then with respect I know better. Archangels are in all planes and we are all Archangels, every one of us on Earth. Really. I checked.

You can shift perspective between the forms. The forms themselves do this! Well, if they choose. This could be between a form perspective of a different Ray, a higher energy Ray, or through part channelling if you choose to be conscious of a form you channel through. Most respect form privacy unless invited to share by form.

So would you choose to shift your physical perspective to another Ray? Or is that perspective simply there in that Ray?

Your consciousness can choose to shift, from body and chakra. Any mixture of Chakra and body.

Now consider, you'll like that. That includes from each body's perspective.

Imagine what happens if you choose them all at once. Go on, now. Let;s see who you are!

Remember, this is underlined. In a free will universe even theft is by choice, but it is a different thing in a karma game, as people can disgree on when to give and take. If you are beyond karma you are never in that perspective, unless you are free and are still getting the hang of TRANSPERSONALITY! But even in that perspective, if someone says it is theft, to them it is theft. Transpersonalshave no concept of that unless transpersonals (unless they don't know the rules).

Thanks for reading, this is an important one.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Heart Centred Invocation - for Unified Chakra and Field, Field Spin use and Total Chakric Fulfilment

I'll start with a parable.

Once there were Seven Samurai and each was uniquely gifted.

Then they quarrelled and the health and abilities of their favourite student suffered.

Some of them even fell out with their student due to their quarrels amongst themselves!

One was Red, as strong as an ox. He could bear any suffering.

Another was Orange. He was blessed with fine kidneys and no woman could resist him.

Yellow ate only the finest food and drinks, and considered this to be the highest living.

These three fell out with the fourth, Green, for he was unable to take sides; he loved all his six brothers equally for such was his nature and had agreed to a game where his word was not Law.

Blue was talkative. He was the most loquacious Samurai and his gift was creation through speech. He never turned against Green but suffered terribly from the lack of the foundation of the first three.

Violet could see but only in one depth. He was gifted with geometries, yet they all fell flat. He needed the foundation of Green and never turned aside.

Magenta was the most powerful. He could see the Geometries unbound and clothe them in the visions of Violet. Yet he suffered from the squabbling of the first three.

Their student was driven to distraction by their squabbling and appealed to Green to restore order...

/parable ends

Now what this represents is the seven Chakras and their *subtle bodies*, and the student, your body of flesh.

Ask your Green Subtle Body to embody fully in your flesh. And for the Heart of your Green Ray Subtle Body to establish Heart's Law, as it is, without symbolic translation.

Then ask the Red Ray Body to embody in your flesh with no symbolic translation and to always honour Heart's Law as its foundation, as its nature, without metaphor.

Then ask the Orange Ray Body to embody in your flesh with no symbolic translation and to always honour Heart's Law as another foundation, as its nature, without metaphor.

Last before the Heart, ask the Yellow Ray Body to embody in your flesh with no symbolic translation and to always honour Heart's Law as its foundation, as its nature, without metaphor.

That's the heart and those chakras below. Now for those above. Ask the Blue Ray Body to embody in your flesh with no symbolic translation and to always honour Heart's Law as it's foundation, as it's nature, without metaphor.

Then the same with Violet. And Magenta.

The Unified Chakra, Unified Field and Field Spin should be used under the Green Ray Heart's bodies laws.

Ego should be sent to dissolve in the Green Ray Centre Heart of the Green Ray Centre Body. I-self which isn't the same thing should constantly recirculate around the Chakras, always seeking to return to the green centre.

All Chakras in all seven subtle bodies and the physical should constantly connect to the green centre heart and attempt to pass through.

This will greatly increase the health of the 'student', the physical body.

You should release all trapped expresssions with Grace's aid, forgiveness and energetic restitution (the latter of which may be due from your or others, or (usually) both).

As the Chakras clear the Merkaba will naturally build.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Inner alter of Heart Invocation - to Strengthen Heart Song

I'm keeping this one quick and simple.  Anyone can ask to pass through their Gates of Eden for reconnection to and strengthening of their Heart Song. The Inner Alter of the Heart for this could be anything, even in the physical world.

You can also connect to the Gates of Eden to ask for lost keys or passwords. If you really pass through, rather that fibbing about wanting to.

More magic soon.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Multi-use Invocations

"Magic is supposed to be flexible. To give you what you need, and sometimes want, with a simple flick of a wand or spoken invocation. Here are some of the more flexible invocations I have come up with."

There's a Merlin Google+ community. Because I don't do facebook. Find it on the sidebar (link is now fixed). You don't need to be a member to join yet, but if I see abuse there I'll instate that.

These invocations can all be repurposed easily. Use them for everything. Use them for anything.

I've found a use for Chi Balls! Find it at the bottom bar one (because Chi Balls can take time). I've also developed an invocation for clairvoyant perception, which is still in testing. The invocation on multidimensional acivation (at the bottom) uses the form for a different purpose, which is an example use.

This is a technique I call the 'Circles of endless Circumferences and Spheres of Endless Depths'. Merlin understands it better than me, I just know it really works.

This one's great for energy bills.

"All my Embodied, Alpha and Omega, Non-Embodied and Multidimensional Vehicle's Chakras; Within the Circles of Endless Circumferences and the Spheres of Endless Depths, rest in the Chakric Temples to receive a full Archangelic Magical Charge."

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; Circles of Infinite Circumferences and Spheres of Endless Depths, please provide my home with plentiful heat, especially in winter, to save on heating bills. Also, produce enough electricity to cause my energy bill to be affordable in my equipment when on. For the electricity, make sure no-one catches on."

It's good discipline to charge this once used.

"All my Embodied, Alpha and Omega, Non-Embodied and Multidimensional Vehicle's Chakras; Within the Circles of Endless Circumferences and the Spheres of Endless Depths, rest in the Chakric Temples to receive a full Archangelic Magical Charge."

There is an old tradition of the endless Yogic Breaths. This invocation is based on that tradition, and the sacred number 108.

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; By the 108 sacred Yogic breaths as One Breath I attract my perfect Soul Mate/Twin Flame in this lifetime for a relationship that will fulful us both, as Heaven on Earth."

There's a Yogic Breath invocation for the Multidimensional Vehicle too. This uses the number 188.

"By the 188 sacred breaths of the Multidimensional Vehicle as One Breath, I request my Vehicle activates all Positive Energy functions for improving ambient energy."

This is a Rainbow Being invocation. It's a fancy way of saying you declare this by your Rainbow Light.

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; By my Rainbow Being I determine to serve the Good of my friends, family, and pets."

This one uses the Metatronic Spiral. It's another all-purpose invocation.

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; I ask a Metatronic Spiral to surround me with positive energy, and to do the same for my environment."

The 'Flower of Life Sphere' is like the flower of life, but on a 3d basis - intersecting spheres rather than intersecting circles. Another name for it is Shekhina's Sphere. I coined both of these terms but I'd be shocked if I was the first to discover the geometries. The sphere - actually a collection of spheres - contains a 3d Metatron's Cube. This example is for gemstone energies.

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; My own personal Flower of Life or Shekhina's Sphere: Connect me to the energy of fine and powerful diamonds of the White Fire, the quartz known as Hermiker Diamond, Lapis Lazuli and either obsidian or Apache Tears for grounding, preferably both. Bring in other gemstone energies as desirable and necessary."

This is a powerful Threefold Flame multipurpose invocation.

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; I ask my Threefold Flame at all points it spirals together to call the gemstones, wands and even Orgonite staves that are right for me to me across my lifetime. Make them the best, at affordable prices."

Here's an I Am level one that invokes the Infinity Breath of your Chakras.

"I AM THAT I AM AND I SHALL EVER BE, I ask all my Chakras to, through Infinity Breath, ensure I always have a fine home suited for one of my station, which when of age I own outright, and that any moves to achieve this go smoothly, across my whole lifetime."

This one is very simple. It's a call to your Ray! How could anything be simpler than that?

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; I call upon my Ray to grant me all the Extraordinary Gifts of my Ray I have so far earned, and to instruct me in their use."

And the promised Chi Ball invocation.

It's important to open with this:

"I declare the following in all evolutionary languages; Rays, I am about to begin Chi Ball work on a large, extended scale. I request the Endless Provision of Chi."

"All embodied Chakras and Fields, Alpha and Omega Chakras and Fields, Non Embodied Chakras and Fields and Multidimensional Vehicle Chakras and Fields; I request a Chakra Light Mirror Sphere supersaturated as far as my energy can take it that reflects perfectly at no effort and charges exponentially at my Centre of Least Resistance at no effort to surround me for the purpose of the clearing of all karmic and pranic gunk, pranic and karmic debris and enemy pattering. Build through Chi Ball, separating my hands naturally when done. Install."

This next one is the best technology on the blog yet for multidimensional activation.

It needs a framework, and this image is a good example of the framework needed.

This image looks complicated. It's actually really simple, and there is a part of everyone that just 'gets' geometry that understands this, so just focus on what it means verbally first.

Take a circle in the centre. One circle, easy right?

Then centre another circle around it until it's surrounded by circles.

Do this with nested circles six times.

And you get that image above (as far as the circles are concerned). Simple concept, a kid with patience could draw this with compass and ruler.

Next link all the places the circles touch with lines. This one was done to illustrate Metatron's Cube and the Flower of Life. But you should do so for *every* Circle Junction.

Here's another image.

This image demonstrates the points the Orgonite goes in a 108. If you're into Orgonite, that's how you build one - with this geometry.

These gometries are important, but these visual aids aren't essential. I did this with just verbal conception.

So you've got a circle in the centre, and drawn circles around it so they all touch halfway with a circle in the centre, out six times. What you need to do next is very simple, and I'm sorry, I couldn't find an image for it. (And for the multidimensional stages one would be impossible to create.)

All the places the circles touch, draw a point. Link these points with lines. The circles are the Flower of Life, and the points and lines are the Metatronic Grid.

That's half of it.

There's more to do though.

The circles curve outwards from the points, that's obvious. At each furthest point, there is a point of perfect balance - where the curve is on the point of return both ways.

That's the Shekhinic Grid.

Don't forget the centres of  the circles. The points that form there that don't form otherwise are the Source Grid.

So what you need to do for this all purpose magic, is buld that as a flat image (either as conceptualisation or even visually, if you're really good with geometry). Build the circles, mark the points, link all of them. Yes you can do this on paper as a geometry exercise. You can build orgonite around it (which will be more powerful than a 108, credit me with the design and send me one if you use this, I'll pay a fair price, it'll need to go indoors). We need to name this though, so we can refer to this and use it for spellwork. (That's always the hard bit).

I'm calling this design the Flower of Life Metatronic-Shekhinic Source Grid.

So the first thing you need to decide is how you're going to use this. The example invocations below use this described geometry for a series of Chakra Activations, and an example use.

"I build the Flower of Life Metatronic-Shekhinic Source Grid in my energy. I rotate the Grid through all dimensions by imploding and exploding it in all dimensions at once in all the directions it can go. I do so in all possible dimensions I can in all my rays of Gradation, until I am Fulfilled in all Chakras I AM. This Grid is to act as a power source for my energy and magic, forever, in all lifetimes and dimensions."

That sets up the grid, but this front page is for multipurpose magic. So here's a repurposable spell.

"Flower of Life Metetronic-Shekhinic Source Grid, project energy from the Endless Source for the provision of Endless Chi and the Fulfilment of All."